Fascinated by music since childhood, DJ FGON (AKA Fábio Gonçalves) grew up in a family that breathed music on weekends. This is probably the strongest seed planted in your soul.


At the age of 13 he was already dj in one of the most iconic clubs in São Paulo: FLASH. His natural search and discovery of music (new or classic) would be a strong basis for the improvement of his technique. During the 15 years that followed many venues  and public received him, among them Paradise Danceteria, Times, Nepal and Free Pass like  dj resident. In others, as dj guest, highlighting Warrior, Soundfactory Columbia, Excalibur and others.


After a hiatus of 10 years away from music, he returned to research and play in Brasilia, federal capital. He was a project curator and resident of venues like In The Bar and La Rubia Café, and also started playing at parties such as PicNick, COMA Festival, Boogie and SOM + AR. In 2018 he toured in London and New York to bring his sound and remixes of Brazilian music. Their productions are part of the repertoire of many dj's around the world that play songs of Brazilian culture in their sets.


It is difficult to define a style for a music researcher and worshiper. Maybe (but only maybe) transitional is fair to define it. Your sets may have a strand or several depending on the location and the atmosphere. A mix of Afro Brasilidades, House Music, Disco Music, Downtempo, Organic Music, Ethnic.

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